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Analysis of pulse width modulation controlled systems based on a piecewise affine description

Paolo Massioni , Laurent Bako , Gérard Scorletti , Alexandre Trofino
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2020, Special Issue: New Trends in Modelling and Control of Hybrid Systems, 30 (15), pp.5917-5935. ⟨10.1002/rnc.4788⟩
Journal articles hal-02361609v1

Vibration mitigation in adaptive optics control

Caroline Kulcsár , Paolo Massioni , Gaetano Sivo , Henri-François Raynaud , Brent Ellerbroek , et al.
SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, Adaptive Optics Systems III, Sep 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.84470Z ⟨10.1117/12.926050⟩
Conference papers hal-01723093v1

Incremental L-2-gain analysis of piecewise-affine systems using piecewise quadratic storage functions

Sergio Waitman , Paolo Massioni , Laurent Bako , Gérard Scorletti , Vincent Fromion
55th IEEE CDC, Dec 2016, Las Vegas, NV, United States. pp.1334 - 1339, ⟨10.1109/CDC.2016.7798451⟩
Conference papers hal-01606732v1

Adaptive Distributed Kalman Filtering for Laser Guide Star Tomography on Extremely Large Telescopes

Luc Gilles , Paolo Massioni , Brent Ellerbroek
Imaging and Applied Optics 2015, OSA, Jun 2015, Arlington, Virginia, United States. pp.AOTh1D.5
Conference papers hal-01225930v1
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Nonlinear force tracking control of electrohydrostatic actuators submitted to motion disturbances

Tahereh Vaezi , Mohamed Smaoui , Paolo Massioni , Xavier Brun , Eric Bideaux
12th International Fluid Power Conference (IFK 2020), Oct 2020, Dresde, Germany. pp.221-230, ⟨10.25368/2020.30⟩
Conference papers hal-03634748v1
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A Karush-Kuhn-Tucker approach to field-weakening for Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnets Synchronous Motors.

Hiba Houmsi , Federico Bribiesca Argomedo , Paolo Massioni , Romain Delpoux
2023 International Conference on Control, Automation and Diagnosis (ICCAD’23), May 2023, Rome, Italy. ⟨10.1109/ICCAD57653.2023.10152453⟩
Conference papers hal-04069379v1
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Stability of uncertain piecewise-affine systems with parametric dependence

Paolo Massioni , Laurent Bako , Gérard Scorletti
21th IFAC World Congress, Jul 2020, Berlin, Germany. pp.1998-2003, ⟨10.1016/j.ifacol.2020.12.2508⟩
Conference papers hal-03225798v1
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Convex optimisation approach to constrained fuel optimal control of spacecraft in close relative motion

Paolo Massioni , Mauro Massari
Advances in Space Research, 2018, 61 (9), pp.2366-2376. ⟨10.1016/j.asr.2018.02.020⟩
Journal articles hal-01721646v1
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Robust Simulation of Continuous-Time Systems with Rational Dynamics

Hiba Ben-Talha , Paolo Massioni , Gérard Scorletti
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2017, 27 (16), pp.3097-3108. ⟨10.1002/rnc.3728⟩
Journal articles hal-01399250v1
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Lyapunov Stability Analysis of Switching Controllers in Presence of Sliding Modes and Parametric Uncertainties With Application to Pneumatic Systems

Omar Ameur , Paolo Massioni , Gérard Scorletti , Xavier Brun , Mohamed Smaoui
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2016, 26 (6), pp.1953-1964. ⟨10.1109/TCST.2016.2529964⟩
Journal articles hal-01281630v1

Optimization Filters for Stochastic Time-Varying Convex Optimization

Andrea Simonetto , Paolo Massioni
European Control Conference, Jun 2023, Bucharest, Romania
Conference papers hal-04131646v1

Incremental stability of Lur’e systems through piecewise-affine approximations

Sergio Waitman , Laurent Bako , Paolo Massioni , Gérard Scorletti , Vincent Fromion
20th IFAC World Congress, International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). AUT., Jul 2017, Toulouse, France. pp.1673 - 1679, ⟨10.1016/j.ifacol.2017.08.491⟩
Conference papers hal-01624048v1

Ellipsoidal state estimation based on sum of squares for nonlinear systems with unknown but bounded noise

Paolo Massioni , Nikolay Salnikov , Gérard Scorletti
IET Control Theory and Applications, 2019, 13 (12), pp.1955-1961. ⟨10.1049/iet-cta.2018.5072⟩
Journal articles hal-02154905v1

Fast finite-horizon kalman filter in wavefront estimation for adaptive optics

Paolo Massioni , Michaël Di Loreto
ECC, Jun 2014, Strasbourg, France. pp.2398 - 2403, ⟨10.1109/ECC.2014.6862311⟩
Conference papers hal-01064038v1
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Incremental L2 -gain stability of piecewise-affine systems with piecewise-polynomial storage functions

Sergio Waitman , Paolo Massioni , Laurent Bako , Gérard Scorletti
Automatica, 2019, 107, pp.224-230. ⟨10.1016/j.automatica.2019.05.050⟩
Journal articles hal-02151787v1
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Adaptive Distributed Kalman Filtering with Wind Estimation for Astronomical Adaptive Optics

Paolo Massioni , Luc Gilles , Brent Ellerbroek
Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics and image science, 2015, 32 (12), ⟨10.1364/JOSAA.32.002353⟩
Journal articles hal-01225941v1

Strehl-optimal Kalman filtering in large-scale tomographic adaptive optics

Carlos M. Correia , Paolo Massioni
Adaptive Optics: Analysis, Methods & Systems 2016, OSA, Jul 2016, Heidelberg, Germany. ⟨10.1364/AOMS.2016.AOW5C.2⟩
Conference papers hal-01359456v1

Identification des modes de basculement (tip/tilt) pour la commande des systèmes d'optique adaptative en astronomie

Henri-François Raynaud , Caroline Kulcsár , Paolo Massioni , Gaetano Sivo , Jean-Marc Conan
GT Identification et MOSAR, 2013, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01740418v1
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Distributed control for alpha-heterogeneous dynamically coupled systems

Paolo Massioni
Systems and Control Letters, 2014, 72, pp.30-35. ⟨10.1016/j.sysconle.2014.08.006⟩
Journal articles hal-01064040v1
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Sliding mode observer for proton exchange membrane fuel cell: automotive application

Maxime Piffard , Mathias Gerard , Ramon da Fonseca , Paolo Massioni , Eric Bideaux
Journal of Power Sources, 2018, 338, pp.71-77. ⟨10.1016/j.jpowsour.2018.03.057⟩
Journal articles hal-01740933v1
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A piecewise-affine approach to the analysis of non-linear control laws for pneumatic systems

Omar Ameur , Paolo Massioni , Gérard Scorletti , Xavier Brun , Mohamed Smaoui
53rd IEEE CDC, Dec 2014, Los Angeles, CA, United States. pp.3963 - 3969, ⟨10.1109/CDC.2014.7040005⟩
Conference papers hal-01118050v1
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Flatness-based control of a two-degree-of-freedom platform with pneumatic artificial muscles

David Bou Saba , Paolo Massioni , Eric Bideaux , Xavier Brun
Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, 2019, 141 (2), pp.021003. ⟨10.1115/1.4041445⟩
Journal articles hal-01873100v1
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Security of Control Systems: Prevention of Aging Attacks by means of Convex Robust Simulation Forecasts

Cédric Escudero , Paolo Massioni , Gérard Scorletti , Eric Zamaï
21th IFAC World Congress, Jul 2020, Berlin, Germany. pp.4452-4459, ⟨10.1016/j.ifacol.2020.12.445⟩
Conference papers hal-03225800v1
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Estimation of inverter voltage disturbances for induction machine drive using LPV observer with convex optimization

Xuefang Lin-Shi , Paolo Massioni , Jean-Yves Gauthier
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 2021, 184, pp.196-209. ⟨10.1016/j.matcom.2020.06.004⟩
Journal articles hal-02955229v1
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Rapid transfer alignment for large and time-varying attitude misalignment angles

Laetitia Tosoni , Minh Tu Pham , Paolo Massioni , Elliot Broussard
IEEE Control Systems Letters, 2023, pp.1-6. ⟨10.1109/LCSYS.2023.3283565⟩
Journal articles hal-04122701v1

Method and device for observing a state of a fuel-cell electrochemical system

Maxime Piffard , Eric Bideaux , Mathias Gérard , Paolo Massioni , Ramon Naiff da Fonseca
United States, Patent n° : US20180196108A1 EP3346534A1 FR3061805A1. 2018
Patents hal-01873501v1

Pneumatic Pressure Control Using on‐off Valves with Pulse Width Modulation

Gabriel de Carvalho , Eric Bideaux , Paolo Massioni , Sylvie Sesmat , Frederic Bristiel
Chemical Engineering and Technology, 2022, ⟨10.1002/ceat.202200410⟩
Journal articles hal-03807706v1
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Robust Gust Load Alleviation at Different Flight Points and Mass configurations

Hugo Fournier , Paolo Massioni , Minh Tu Pham , Laurent Bako , Robin Vernay , et al.
AIAA SCITECH 2022 Forum, Jan 2022, San Diego, France. ⟨10.2514/6.2022-0285⟩
Conference papers hal-03561621v1
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Consensus analysis of large-scale nonlinear homogeneous multi-agent formations with polynomial dynamics

Paolo Massioni , Gérard Scorletti
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2018, 28 (17), pp.5605-5617. ⟨10.1002/rnc.4334⟩
Journal articles hal-01861477v1
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Guaranteed systematic simulation of discrete-time systems defined by polynomial expressions via convex relaxations

Paolo Massioni , Gérard Scorletti
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2018, 28 (3), pp.1062-1073. ⟨10.1002/rnc.3920⟩
Journal articles hal-01574320v1